Sound & Studio Service

Sound & Studio Service

This service includes Installation & implementation of all sound equipment from infrastructure to completion, including sound management & sound retention. 


Home & Office Automation

Home & Office Automation

Automate your home by time and event programming. Enjoy complete control from anywhere in the home/office and be secure control from anywhere in the world. 

Movies and Music are stored on a centralized server accessible in any room via a touch and blend with any décor, are installed in ceilings and/or walls. IPod and Satellite radio. 

Controls lights and shades that can save amounts of energy and reduce operating cost. 

Poseidon Technologies offers a multitude of installation choices that are customized to meet the need of each client. Whatever the requirements are; whether residential or commercial, the following are service and product offerings available to our clients. 

  • Multi-room Audio/Video 
  • Garage/Gate Control 
  • Door Locks 
  • Lighting & Shade Control 
  • Design & Engineering Drawings 
  • Telephone Systems 
  • Thermostats 
  • Fiber Optics 
  • Signature Theaters 
  • Access Controls 
  • AI Facial Recognition and Temperature Scanner (with mask detection) Interactive Security Systems (CCTV) 
SeeTouch TM

SeeTouch TM

Lutron® solutions control the light in any space and can improve productivity, save up to 60% of lighting energy, and reduce operating costs—and may deliver a payback of 3 years. 

Save energy and protect the environment Lutron light control solutions can save significant amounts of energy when the appropriate light control strategies are applied. 

Corporations and universities using Lutron systems regularly report reducing lighting energy usage by 60%. These major reductions in energy use can shrink a building’s carbon footprint, lower greenhouse gas emissions and reduce nighttime light pollution.

Increase productivity and comfort Proper lighting is beneficial for employees working in an office space. The improved comfort and workplace satisfaction brought by day lighting, task- appropriate electric lighting and individual lighting control can result in increased productivity. 

Save money Improve the bottom line by increasing employee productivity, reducing energy and labor costs, as well as maintenance and operating costs associated with ongoing facility management activities, such as re-lamping.


Centralized lighting control systems provide switching, dimming, energy management and shade control in a single space or an entire hotel, from multiple control locations.

  • Dim or switch electric lights, control window shades, and measure or monitor system energy use. 
  • Ease of use: Users can control the systems via software or wall stations from multiple locations. 
  • Scalability: The systems can scale from small to very large and can be easily expanded at any time. 
  • Interoperability: The systems integrate with other systems, including audiovisual equipment, security, BAS, 
    BACnet/LonWorks, DMX512, Ethernet and more for convenient, seamless total-building integration.